Bed-transformer CHICAGO

123 000 руб.

The classical model "Chicago" is made in the standard American size of 150x80, which allows using it from the moment of birth and up to 4-5 years.


Absolute comfort is provided by a two-level bottom bed system: when the child grows up and tries to get out of bed, the level of the bed can be lowered – this system provides additional comfort and safety for the child.

Exquisite bed is made of natural wood with carved elements and two-layer painting with manual application of gold patina. Used for upholstery fabric manufactured in Spain. The front grille is lowered or completely removed, turning the bed into a sofa. The orthopedic base of the mattress has 2 mounting heights.


Вес130 kg
Габариты156 × 86 × 120 cm





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